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The Symbol of the Stag in Medieval Art

From the Aspe Mosaic in the Dome over the Altar in the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome, The Stag comes to us out of the Scriptures and from the Christian symbology of the Middle Ages. The image of the Stag, who is a relentless enemy of the snake, mysteriously arises...

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The Symbol of the Stag in Medieval England

The White Stag appears in this medieval devotional panel which is called the Wilton Diptych, named for the family that eventually owned it after King Richard II, died. It is one of the most elegant medieval panels to survive from Medieval England. A diptych is a panel...

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The Stag – Introduction to our Blog

The Stag is known as the relentless enemy of the snake and is a spiritual symbol for Christ in His Victorious Resurrection, who has trampled the devil under His feet and invites us to join Him in destroying all the serpent’s works. He calls us into the waters of...

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