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Accelerate Your Child’s Reading Skills
Basic Studies

Phonics, Literature, Creative Writing, Drawing/Painting, and History
6 Courses in One!

112 Phonetic/Art Cards

Adventures in Art and Creative Writing
Volumes 1 and 2

These Courses Will Develop Your Child’s

Artistic Sensibilities and Creativity

Grades 4 – 7

Study 52 Gorgeous and Unforgettable Paintings

with Each Volume

6”x 9”Art Cards from the 19th – Early 20th Centuries

Depicting Love of Family, God, and Country

The Favorite

Francine Charderon

English, 19th Century

Boy Writing with His Sister

Albert Anker

Swiss,19/20th Century

The Waste Paper Basket

Henrietta Ronner – Knip

Dutch, 19th Century

Just About to Start

Benjamin Vautier, the Elder

Swiss, 19th Century

Learn How to Speak and Write

Become a Great Communicator

Ages 12 – Adult

Discover Classic Books on America’s Christian History
by Charles Coffin, 1879-1881
Published before the Marxists Rewrote it!

“So you will know What Liberty has Cost and What it’s Worth.” – Charles Coffin

Ages 12 – Adult

The Story of Liberty

by Charles Coffin
written in 1879

From the Magna Charta 1215 AD to the Landing of the Pilgrims 1620 AD.Learn the Struggle going on in Europe over Religious and
Civil Liberty that brought the Pilgrims to America to Start the World Over Again.

Very Engaging Story Format!
Also Available in an Audio Format
and a New Dramatized Version

The Story of Liberty
Study Guide

by Steve Dawson

Workbook, Question
Answer Format –
The Great Ideas
And Growth of
Christian Liberty

Why The Story of Liberty is So Important
Who was Charles Coffin?
Rose Weiner

One history professor stated, “If
there was one book I could
recommend to help people
understand the “why” of America,
The Story of Liberty would be it.”

Without an understanding of the
development of Christianity that was
so important in our nation’s founding
and in the development of liberty in
the world, we will not know how to
preserve that liberty for ourselves
and the world.

Ebook – Free Gift!

Ebook – Free Gift!

What Happened to The
Christian History of America?
By Rose Weiner

Western Civilization is the result
of the spreading of the Gospel of
Jesus Christ. Karl Marx and the
educators who followed him in the
late 19th and early 20th centuries
wanted to erase the influence of
Christianity from our nation and the
They began to rewrite our history
with the intent to remove prayer
and the Bible from our schools and
erase the influence of Christianity
on our nation Make sure your
children know the truth. Find out
what you can do to restore what
has been lost.

Sweet Land of Liberty
by Charles Coffin, written in 1883

From the Explorers
To The Declaration of Independence
Watch the Christian Idea of
Self-government as it begins to
Take Root in the Colonies to finally
Give the World the Ideal
of a Written Constitution, and a
Government, Designed not to Grant
Rights, but to Protect God-Given
Rights based on the Christian Ideal of
Man – Not as Slaves of State but
Made in the Image of God

This Form of Government, unique in
the history of the world, has given
Eagle Wings to the Human Spirit!

Very Engaging Story Format!

Sweet Land of Liberty
Study Guide
By Rose Weiner

Workbook, Question and
Answer Format –
Discussing The Great Ideas
And Growth of
Christian Liberty

The Boy’s of ‘76
by Charles Coffin, 1881

Coffin gives true eyewitness
accounts of the Hand of God in
The Battles of the American
Revolution – Stories told to him
when men who fought in these
battles visited his home
in Massachusetts
when he was a boy.

Coffin retells these true stories
in a fictional narrative account
given by two boys.Very Engaging!

This is a Priceless Treasure
God’s Answer to Our Founders’
Appeal to Heaven!

Ebook – Free Gift!

Regaining Intellectual
Superiority through
Home Education
By Rose Weiner

Self-education was one of the crowning glories of our early republic. It produced God-loving people who could do many things well.
That education was
interrupted by the German model
adopted by our public schools to
make people subservient to the

Home schooling offers the
lifeline to regain what has been
lost and become a renaissance
man, a self-governing people
once again.

Develop Your Relationship with God

Study the Bible

Ages 12 – Adult