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Psalm 42:1

Bible Studies for the Lovers of God

A Study of Philippians
by Bob and Rose Weiner

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Format:Paperback, Workbook
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Bible Studies for the Lovers of God

A Study in Philippians

Learn How to Experience the Joy of Christian Grace Regardless of Your Circumstances that only the Lovers of God Can Know!

Bible Studies for the Lovers of God is written in an easy-to-use question and answer format, 104 pages. The workbook features a Scriptural reference for every question. Space is available to write in the answer on the page. Perfect for individual or group study.

If you are seeking deeper faith, the peace of Christ, courage in the midst of difficulty then this study is for you. Paul’s letter to the Philippian church was one of Paul’s prison letters written from Rome. The theme of Paul’s letter is “The Joy of Christian Grace and Experience.” Paul demonstrated the greatest joy in the midst of the greatest suffering and humiliation. This is a supernatural ability to do what in the natural is impossible. It was what Paul termed “grace.” It is how Christian martyrs could say as they were in prison awaiting their own execution in the face of the universal disapproval of all mankind – My heart is full of gardens and fountains.

No matter what our circumstances or have difficult and trying your day might be, this grace and deep overwhelming joy is available to you today. Paul’s gives of his secret – “For me to live is Christ!” This is a life that only lovers of God can know. It is an inner life of joy that only a deep love and fellowship with Jesus can give.

Paul was Nero’s prisoner, yet his letter shouts with triumph. The words ‘joy” and “rejoice” appear frequently. His letter is the testimony to the outworking of true Christian living – knowing intimately the life, nature and mind of Christ.

Discover how faith and joy in the face of an uncertain future can enrich your life today.

  • • Learn what it is for Christ to be “your life”
  • • Christ the Christian’s pattern
  • • Understand the high calling of God that Paul exhorts us to press toward
  • • Learn how to become holy minded, how to set your mind on heavenly things in everyday living
  • • Understand the fellowship of the Spirit between believers.

The study book draws on Old and New Testament scripture to illuminate Paul’s message, and shows how Paul’s resolve reflects the principles that Jesus taught.

This Bible Study is for you if you are seeking:

  • • Deeper faith
  • • The peace of Christ
  • • Courage to face hard times
  • • How to overcome difficult circumstances by faith

The Importance of Studying the Bible by Martin Luther, 16th Century Father of the Reformation:

“The Bible is the proper book for men.There the truth is distinguished from error far more clearly than anywhere else, and one finds something new in it every day. For twenty-eight years, since I became a doctor, I have now constantly read and preached the Bible; and yet I have not exhausted it.

“There I began to understand that the righteousness of God by which the righteous live is a gift of God, namely by faith . . . Here I felt that I was altogether born again and had entered the gates of paradise itself through open gates. There a totally other face of the entire Scripture showed itself to me… the work of God, what God does in us, the power of God, with which He makes us strong, the wisdom of God, with which He makes us wise, the strength of God, the salvation of God, and the glory of God.” (LW 34:337).

“You should diligently learn the Word of God and by no means imagine that you know it. Let him who is able to read, take a psalm in the morning, or some other chapter of Scripture, and study it for a while. This is what I do. When I get up in the morning, I pray and recite the Ten Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord’s Prayer with the children, adding any one of the psalms.

“I do this only to keep myself well acquainted with these matters, and I do not want to let the mildew of the notion grow that I know them well enough. The devil is a greater rascal than you think he is. You do as yet not know what sort of fellow he is and what a desperate rogue you are. His definite design is to get you tired of the Word and in this way to draw you away from it. This is his aim.” (WA 32, 64f.).


“I am a prisoner in the Ohio State Penitentiary. Someone gave me the Bible study, Lovers of God. I can’t express to you how much this study has meant to me. This study has literally changed my life! Do you have any other studies that I could do like this one? “ James J.


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  • Banner text: As the Deer Pants for the Water Brooks so My Soul Longs after You, O God.
  • Author: by Bob and Rose Weiner
  • Format: Paperback, Workbook

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