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God’s Covenant with America at Normandy

by Rose Weiner

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God’s Covenant with America at Normandy

God’s Covenant with America at Normandy:

Find out about the Covenant our nation has with God.

Throughout history, liberty for the world has been paid for by the blood of Jesus and the martyrs and witnesses of Jesus. Until the Founding of the United States of America 99% of the human race has had to live theirs out under the tyranny of ruler’s law. It has been a history of bloodshed and tears.

In this book you will learn just how much our nation has meant for the freedom of the world. You will learn just what happened on D-Day in the battle of Normandy which was the turning point of World War 2 and the Covenant God made with our nation there.

The late French President Francois Mitterrand remarked:

“Nothing in world history compares to D-day. The 6th of June, 1944, sounded the hour when history tipped toward the camp of freedom.”

This is our heritage and we cannot underestimate the debt of loyalty and gratitude we owe to what has been called “The Greatest Generation.”

Not only that, the battlefield of Normandy marked not only the graves of our fallen heroes in the battle for liberty – it also marked one of the very strong Covenants God has with our nation, made with those who sacrificially laid down their lives there on the altar of freedom for the human race.

Now you can read all about this amazing story.

Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty and it is only eternal vigilance that will keep it.



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Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of America They Don't Want You to Know