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- Charles C. Coffin

Sweet Land of Liberty

by Charles Coffin

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from the Original Edition, 1883
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Sweet Land of Liberty


Yes! It’s True! Our national history has been rewritten to erase the Christian Foundations. Now you can learn our true history, before the Progressive Marxists rewrote it.

Embraced by the Christian home school community for over 38 years, Sweet Land of Liberty comes beautifully illustrated with more than 240 antique engravings.

A sequel to The Story of Liberty, Sweet Land of Liberty, originally titled Old Times In The Colonies, is a fascinating look at American history beginning with the explorers: Columbus, the Cabots, Vasco da Gama, Amerigo Vespucci, Ponce de Leon, Hernando Cortez, Jacque Cartier, and others. These explorers sailed for the king of their nation to claim new territory for their King. European Kings and Popes fought over who the new lands belonged to – each of them claiming it was theirs by Divine Right.

  • Read the story of the Providential Hand of God in founding the American Colonies
  • Follow the Pilgrims as they are driven from England and crossed the Atlantic in their search for freedom to worship God.
  • Watch as they begin the Christian idea of self-government and give the world the ideal of a written constitution based on Christian Principles that have given eagle wings to the human spirit!
  • See how Tyranny and Wrong have fought against Liberty and Justice and how Tyranny and Wrong have gone done before it.
  • Get a realistic look at colonial life in this rich narrative.
  • Stories of the Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers, Miles Standish, William Penn, George Washington and other important figures are factual and dramatic.
  • From the birth of Virginia Dare to the defeat of General Braddock, the reader will learn how the colonists struggled to survive and live free of tyranny.

Coffin’s fondness for detail keeps the history from growing stale. He stitches the elements of early American life into a dramatic quilt. You will get a deeper understanding of history than mere memorization of dates, people, and places provides. You will see why Old World customs, habits, and laws were gradually changed.

Our Founders believed that in history’s record of the struggle of good and evil, that good would win out according to Biblical promise!They believed that the highest development in that struggle for good was Christianity. They proclaimed that the highest pinnacle toward which all history was moving was the day when “the kingdoms of this world would become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.”

Read their story!


Greg Harris, author of The Christian Home School and director of Noble Institute writes:

“Sweet Land Of Liberty will walk you through the founding of each of the thirteen colonies and open your eyes to the marvelous Providence of God in the founding of our great nation.”

Nancy Drazga, Great Christian Books Editor:

“Coffin’s histories are no ‘textbook’ history book, written by a committee of people committed to cramming the most number of facts possible into the least amount of space. There are a great many facts told, but they are woven into a compelling narrative by the author so that the student gets them intermingled with a story he will find hard to put down.”

Author Charles Coffin, 1881, “My Philosophy of History”:

“I discovered that there was no volume in existence that would give the young people of our country an idea of the struggles of men in England and Europe against the tyranny of emperors, kings, popes, archbishops, bishops, and inquisitors – to supply that need, I wrote The Story of Liberty, Sweet Land of Liberty, and Boy’s of ’76 – together they make a series, not of general history, but an outline history of the progress of ideas.“


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  • Author: by Charles Coffin
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Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of America They Don't Want You to Know