mark11 Of the increase of his Government and of His Peace there shall be no end. . . Upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. mark21

mark11 mark21

Isaiah 9:7

Take Dominion

The Path to Courageous Faith
by Bob Weiner

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Take Dominion

Take Dominion – The Path to Courageous Faith

In Take Dominion Bob Weiner invites you to walk in a path of courageous faith and shows you how to turn your life into an exciting adventure with God.

Take Dominion records the first 25 years of Bob Weiner’s Spirit-filled adventures that will build your faith and encourage you to rise up in the power of the Spirit and do exploits for the kingdom of God.

Through the finished work of Christ, God has given His people dominion over this planet, and He expects us to win others to Jesus and to work to see His goodness and righteousness established on earth! To this end, Jesus told us to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

Bob Weiner believes that God has mandated us to not only bring salvation to the lost but to change the world and its institutions to reflect Jesus’ teachings of life, love, and liberty.

In Take Dominion, Bob calls upon all Christians to exercise the victory Christ has already given to every believer. Through compelling personal stories, Bob testifies to the reality of Christ’s magnificent power.

Bob believes that God gives every believer the opportunity to fulfill His calling and purpose for their life. What a joy to rise up and follow God’s holy call! Jesus has made His abundant grace available to you to help bring His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Let this book build your faith in Jesus’ total victory and prepare you to use the spiritual authority God has already given you.


ROSEY GRIER, One of the Best
Defensive Line Backs In Football History,
Los Angeles Rams:

“God’s vision that He has given through Bob Weiner is that winning the world for Jesus Christ is not only possible, but it will be accomplished. Bob stirs up the hearts of young people to make a difference in our world today. I praise God for the opportunity to work right alongside of him!”

LOU ENGLE, Founder and President The Call and The Send:

“Bob and Rose Weiner have for the last 40 years been at the forefront of breakthrough ministries for college students around the world. Bob’s gift of faith for mobilization has effected Christianity worldwide. I love their fire and once again, a breaker anointing is moving with them for a fresh move of campus awakening. It would be a fearful thing if they weren’t on our side.”

RON LUCE, Founder and President Generation Next:

“Bob Weiner is one of the most incredible visionaries of our day. He dares to dream impossible dreams because he knows how great God is. Bob has proven to have a heart for young people that is passionate about seeing them raised up around the world to become leaders of their generation. I thank God for his drive and determination to do whatever it takes to rescue our teens and turn the hearts of the older generation to the importance of reaching out to the young.”

JOHN BEVERE, Founder and President Messenger International

“The most successful churches and ministries I have seen today are reaching out to raise up the youth. Bob and Rose Weiner are having a direct impact on the next generation and youth all over the world are being trained to be leaders and world changers for Christ. Though their ministry you will be changed and encouraged to reach out to ‘the sons and daughters’ spoken of by the Prophet Joel.”


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  • Banner text: Of the increase of his Government and of His Peace there shall be no end. . . Upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.
  • Author: by Bob Weiner
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-0-938558-35-4

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