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~ Charles Coffin,1879 from the Original Edition, 1879

The Story of Liberty

by Charles Coffin

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from the Original Edition, 1879
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The Story of Liberty

The Story of Liberty was written in 1879, by Charles Coffin, before the Progressive Marxists rewrote our national history in the 20th century.Yes! It’s True! Our national history has been rewritten to erase the Christian Foundation of our nation from our history books and ultimately to destroy our Constitution!

Now you can learn our true history – before the Progressive Marxists rewrote it.

Now you can read what they do not want you to know!

In his introduction to The Story of Liberty, 19th Century Christian author and journalist, Charles Coffin wrote:

“Men act freely in laying and executing their plans, but behind the turmoil and conflict of human wills there is an Unseen Power that shapes destiny. Nations rise and fall, generations come and go; yet through the ages there has been an advancement of Justice, Truth, Right and Liberty. To what end? Is it not the march of the human race toward an Eden of rest and peace?”

This is a thrilling history of the people and key events that led to American self-government and America’s great freedoms. This is the story of the first government without a king since Israel rejected God as King and demanded a King so they could be like everyone else (with the exception of the tiny nation of Switzerland). The battle cry of the American Revolution was “We will have no king but Jesus.” The Story of Liberty is the heritage of anyone enjoying or seeking freedom in any nation in the world.

Discover how faith and joy in the face of an uncertain future can enrich your life today.

  • How the invention of the Printing Press and the translation of the Bible from Latin into the common language of the people led to the development of Freedom ideas of Religious Liberty, Free Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of the Press, and Economic Prosperity
  • How the right to hold an individual opinion was a freedom won through preaching the Word of God.
  • How religious persecution in Europe led to the founding of our nation.
  • How the Protestant Reformation’s insistence on the Priesthood of the Believer led to the foundation of our Christian Republic

The Story of Liberty begins with the signing of the Magna Charta in 1215, and shows how our liberty was won through the work and sacrifice of followers of Jesus Christ and Christian Martyrs.

A classic reference in the Christian education and home schooling communities since 1980, The Story of Liberty is a must-read for anyone eager for a view of history unedited by secular humanists. This is a fascinating narrative and deserves a place in your heart in the Hall of Fame of the Heroes of Faith!


Susan Rushing – History Professor, Cornerstone Academy

“If you were to read only one book in order to understand the basis of our form of government, The Story of Liberty would be it. This book tells the story of the Reformation in Europe which made possible the principles of freedom and self-government upon which our nation was established.

“But it is no dry history text. It reads like a novel, bringing to life the amazing events and fascinating people who sacrificed for the liberty we now enjoy. I have read it for pure pleasure myself and also used it in teaching American history to my own children at home and in the classroom. It instills a love for history and an appreciation for what we have as Americans.”

From Nancy Drazga, Editor of Great Christian Books:

“First published in 1879, The Story of Liberty has been reprinted for today’s families who have lost the knowledge of the Christian foundations of the American struggle for freedom . . .The many black and white illustrations and commentary on the tale provided by the author make this book indispensable for readers of all ages.”

“Even young children will enjoy having bits of the narrative read to them, and adults as well as children will find through reading this book that the drama of history really is better than any novel! Highly recommended.”

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  • Author: by Charles Coffin
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Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of America They Don't Want You to Know