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Martin Luther - Before the Inquisitors at the Diet of Worms

The Story of Liberty Study Guide

by Steve Dawson

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Ages:12 - Adult
Workbook:Essay Questions and Answers
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The Story of Liberty Study Guide

Study Guide for The Story of Liberty

Written by Steven Charles Dawson, headmaster of Providence Christian Academy, a Christian day school in Auburn, Massachusetts, this study guide for use in conjunction with The Story Of Liberty by Charles Coffin helps young and older readers alike derive maximum benefit from the material.

This workbook features question and answer worksheets for each chapter, a vocabulary list and worksheet for thorough understanding of new words, a timeline of key events, and two line drawn European maps. A Biblical reference time chart is also included.Christian principles of government, individuality, character, union, conscience and property are explored, along with God’s Providence in regard to royalty and nations.

Students are challenged by Biblical study questions that bring Christian perspective to historical affairs. Final examination essay suggestions are provided in the back of the book.

1. A Classic
Posted by Jennifer A. on 13th Aug 2019review lazyload

I think this is a wonderful book. TSOL is a great book on its own. The study guide added relevant scripture, focus on vocabulary in order to enhance the overall understanding of the original book, and thoughtful questions. This is a great way to build study skills for younger students. TSOL is a fascinating work with a much need perspective (i.e. Christ centered). It is my daughter’s favorite subject this year. Thank you!

2. Excellent Study
Posted by Melinda DeRieux on 20th Mar 2014review lazyload

I cannot say enough about this book. Although the book is dauntingly thick, and in some instances requires a strong constitution, (there is no holding back in the horror and sufferings perpetuated against innocents), my high school age children have completed the reading and workbook.

The workbook adds a dimension for ease of understanding the “players” and their roles and perceptions of liberty. I believe it is absolutely necessary to complete the workbook too because of the volume of information in the reading. Doing so allowed my children a deeper understanding of the age and they have felt that it changed their lives; they see how both the word of God and God’s messengers were stifled, snuffed out, burned, hunted, and even chained to the pulpit for fear of the very words of God going forth to the average poor peasant throughout the renaissance and reformation era.

The truth and history of the church’s role and its attempts to cover-up the gospel are astounding and should be part of every history lesson. I have been told by some home schooling moms they will not read it because they find it offensive to the catholic church. But, history is history and denying the truth in essence is perpetuating the very cover-up that pervaded in ages past. I would encourage prayer for boldness and a desire for truth if there is a chance for offense.

By Providence, my son traveled to France for an inner city missions trip shortly after finishing The Story of Liberty. The first night his group was informed that in order to minister to the people of France they would need an overview of the history of the gospel in that region. To my son’s complete astonishment, The Story of Liberty was delivered to them just as Charles Carleton Coffin had written it. The power and revelations gained in that providential moment of his life moved him deeply. He believes everyone should take the time to read The Story of Liberty.

3. Gave us a lot to think about
Posted by GC on 8th Feb 2013review lazyload

This became available as I home schooled our youngest child. Although we had read TSOL before, our second journey through this book was greatly enhanced with the study guide. Principles that we already believed were enhanced and cemented in our world view with concrete ideas instead of just feelings. Thank you


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  • Banner text: I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other. God help me. Amen
  • Author: by Steve Dawson
  • Ages: 12 - Adult
  • Format: Paperback
  • Workbook: Essay Questions and Answers

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