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Weiner Media

The Tale of Isak The Indigo Bunting

Written by Rose Weiner
Illustrated by Georgia Stylou
Ages 4-8, or Grades Preschool - 2nd Grade

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The Tale of Isak The Indigo Bunting

This is the story of Isak, an impulsive Indigo Bunting. The Bunting flock was headed South for the winter when Isak decided to fly off on his own, away from the flock, without asking his parents.

Isak gets lost in a snowstorm. The plot thickens. Will Isak be found? Isak learns what it means to have courage. But the trouble he faces, he brought on himself.

No matter how unreal the story may be, as we appeal to the imagination of the child, rules for living can be imparted through the lives and events of the characters, often in a more impactful way than merely giving instructions in morals. From the story you can draw out of the children valuable lessons of wisdom.

The characters in this book are lovable. There is a lot of adventure and suspense in this tale. Children learn the importance of not running off on their own without their parents’ permission. Issy, Isak’s sister, tells her parents what Isak has done, and because of this they were able to find Isak. This reminds children to always tell an adult or a parent if they see a child doing something not safe. This story has a happy ending. Mercy is shown by a precarious guide who appears to help Isak find the way.

Following the Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason

This book is one of our phonics alphabet books from our series, The Imaginative Child for the Joy of Learning. The Tale of Isak the Indigo Bunting. celebrates the phonetic sounds of the letter “I, i” which are two – the long “i” as in the sound of ice, and the short “i” as in the sound in itch. Our story is filled with many “I, i” words – but this is no boring alphabet book.

The telling of this tale is based on the Classical Teaching Method of Charlotte Mason, 19th century British educator and a favorite among Home Schooling parents. Charlotte Mason believed in immersing children in living books, which say something and impart ideas and real knowledge through story, rather than present a dull recitation of facts or communicate worthless twaddle.

The story is followed by notes for parents and teachers. You can feel free to use some or all of the learning activities as it suits you and the age of your child. However, before you share the story with your child, read the story for yourself and look over the learning activities to decide how you would like to use this book.

Helping your Child Develop Creative Learning Skills

This book is a Tale. A Tale is both fact and fiction, it is a narrative that tells the story of a real or an imaginary event, or a combination of both. Parts of this story are both imaginary and real. Many real facts about the habits of Indigo Buntings are part of the tale.

Besides learning a unique way of spelling, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, your students can delve into Ornithology (the study of Birds). They will conduct a nature study to learn about Astronomy and Constellations and how to find directions using the Sun and Stars. They will understand the distance of planets from the earth.

Immerse you students in the drawing and creative writing exercises inspired by the story. Children who can read well can practice dramatic reading skills as younger children act out the story.

Parables of the Bible are also referenced to make this story a spiritual treat.

Learning exercises can be adapted for ages 3-8 as well as for an audience of one or a group of students.



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  • Author: Illustrated by Georgia Stylou
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