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They Came for Liberty

The Amazing Story of American Migration
by Rose Weiner

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They Came for Liberty

In the entire history of human mobility, nothing stands out in the scope, speed, and magnitude as the legal American migration between 1850 -1920, that built the our nation into the greatest nation of freedom, liberty and personal opportunity on earth.

This is the story of the American Migration. One newspaper in 1935, wrote that nothing could be compared to it in diversity since the encampments of the Roman Empire.

Before the establishing of the United States of America, which gave birth to the “dream” of liberty, there was little hope of liberty for the average man of courage and good will. The ambitions of a ruling class conspired against liberty of speech, liberty of conscience, liberty of the person, liberty of economic opportunity.

Most of human energy and strength, as well as physical resources, were spent in fighting wars caused by greed, hereditary hatreds, jealousies, and ancestral thirsts for vengeance. There was little spiritual freedom and certainly no economic or political liberty and little hope for the chance of it.

Most who came were of humble origins. Seeking religious freedom, driven by famine and economic hardships, fleeing from fierce persecutions and political oppression, they came seeking, above all else, the freedom to worship God, individual liberty, and a better way of life.

This is their story and the call of God on America to be a beacon of freedom and to shine that liberty and freedom around the world.

Right now in the face of illegal immigration and the invasion of our Southern border by sex traffickers of women and children, drug lords and the fentanyl epidemic, and hordes of men of military age (no one is sure who they are) mixed in with people seeking a better life is not fair to our nation, nor to legal immigrants who worked very hard to become citizens, nor to those who have come here seeking freedom but have become captive to criminal elements. This is certainly not what our Founders had in mind. Illegal immigration is tragic beyond the telling, This illegal immigration must and will be stopped as we return to American Christian ideals of life, love, and liberty, and enshrine them once again in the laws and courts of our nation, and the hearts of America’s people.


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Discover the Amazing Story... The Christian History of America They Don't Want You to Know